80’s American Singers

I chose to analyze music and pop culture photography. In this picture the selection for this picture is important. Joey Ramone was a popular singer in the 80’s. This moment tells us the James Ramone is pretty happy about singing. I would say the background is the audience and is mostly in the same color which makes the singer pop out more. I would say this photograph is pretty balanced. The contrast is nice, the picture is black and white so those are the only colors we see. I would say the lighting is mainly focused on the singer.

I also analyzed this picture of Prince in a video shoot. I really like all the lighting and colors in the picture. The contrast between the different colors in the background and Prince are unique. The moment is nice because Prince looks like he is pretty passionate about doing what he is doing. The lighting gets peoples attention because of the bright colors in it. The depth creates the focus on Prince himself.

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