All about Audio

listening to moon graffiti definitely gave me a Nasa type Vibe. It reminded me of the times in middle school where we would watch the moon landing or any other Nasa projects. At the beginning you hear like people communicating with each other. Through out I could imagine the speakers in my head. The sounds effects in the background have a what is going to happen next theme to it. The mini pauses between the speakers helped me stay tuned in it. I wanted to keep wanting to know what was going to happen next. When the guys says We are on the moon I immediately formed an image of like a astronaut walking on the moon like I have seen on Tv . The sound of them them taking pictures was a nice touch because it really helped with what exactly was going on in that moment. The moon Graffiti lacked pictures which was really strong like Abumrad mentions in his videos. Another thing Abumrad mentions is that radio helps us connect which Moon Graffiti did for me. Even though radio does not have pictures in it, it can still be very impactful.

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