What a room!

For one of the assignment bank I picked creating your dream room.

For my bed I would want a big bed with light colored linens. I would love to have lights around my bed frame to make it nice and cozy.
A walk-in closet would be another thing I would have. I would like it to have a lot of room for my clothes, shoes, purses.
Another thing I would have in my room would be having this classic 80’s arcade game Pac-Man. I would play this in my free time.
6-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable in Espresso
I would love to have a antique record player. I would listen to rook and jazz records on it.

How would this relate to the 80’s

In the 80’s I probably wouldn’t have this dream room in my head because it has many modern touches to it. However the Pac-man arcade game would definitely be a possibility. Pac-man was really popular in the 80’s. people would play this for entertainment. The antique record player would be another thing. Bluetooth was not around in the 80’s yet so the record player would be a device people would listen music on.

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