Fitting Right In

For my other Design assignments I did Change Of Scenery. This assignment was to put yourself or others in a setting. Rated 4.5 Stars.

I picked Washington DC in the 80’s for my setting. I used Gimp to crop my cat out of one photo using the crop tool. I then used the Scale tool to make my cat fit into a good position. I also used the eraser tool to get rid of stuff I couldn’t crop out. I googled through pictures that were from the 80’s and I found this one from D.C. I also chose to do D.C because I am from that area and I would go to D.C about once a week. Whenever I have went to D.C. this picture is nothing like what I see. The building are mostly renovated, the roads are paved and look freshly done, and the cars are newer models. However I have seen many small stores closed off with wood like the photo above. There is also many homes that still have the same structure like the one above. There many places that have not changed since the 80’s like some hotels, the monument, and many museums. This was a nice project!

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