It’s a Theme

for my other audio assignment I did Theme song which was to create your own theme song. Rated 4 Stars

I thought this was a fun assignment to do because it kind of describes your personality. I first used the Free sound website to find music and sounds that really describe me. After about an hour of searching I picked out multiple sounds and music. I then used Audacity to edit and cut some things I didn’t want from the sounds and music. Now that I am getting a bit better using audacity I was able to produce a better audio.

When I was creating this theme song I thought this theme song would fit nicely in the Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club was a popular show in the 80’s. I heard some of the breakfast club theme song and I took a little part of it and added to my theme song. I think it was cool to create a theme song and especially for a show that I have watched before.

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