Listen to at Your Own Risk

for my other audio assignments I did Spooky Sounds, which was to create to an audio of spooky sounds. Rated 4 1/2 Stars.

For this assignment I thought all the way back to when I was little during Halloween times. I thought about the different sounds I would hear when I went out for trick o treating or when I went to haunted houses. I gathered different sounds from the Free Sound website, then I used Audacity to edit and turn up the bass on some of them. T’his was a fun project to create because ‘Halloween was one the holiday’s that I really loved growing up so this project let me reminisce my memories from when I was a kid.

I thought it would be interesting to research on how Halloween was like in the 80’s and found some pretty interesting things. Some popular costumes were Pac-man, Superman costume, Care bears costumes. Many people shared their stories on how Halloween was in the 80’s. Many said Trick o treating times lasted longer, where you could go to many houses. I remember when I was little I would go trick o treating for about an hour and then it would be late and it would be time to go home. Also many people made their own costumes and decorations instead of buying them, which most people do now. Halloween was just one night event that would happen on Halloween night. But now a days we see the whole month of October and even November filled with Halloween themed events. Halloween is different from what it was in the 80’s.

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