Nature is Perfect

We often as humans get so busy with our schedules and routines we forget to enjoy outside nature. It sounds kind of cheesy but if you think about it we don’t get enough time to appreciate mother nature. On one recent Friday  evening I was watching netflix because who doesn’t love to netflix and chill. My eyes eventually got really tired of looking at the TV, so I decided to go outside and check the mail. When I stepped outside, not realizing it was sunset time. When I looked up the sun was setting and the sky was filled with three to four different colors. I’ve seen many sunsets but at this moment the sunset looked absolutely amazing. The birds were chirping loudly finding their way back home, the light breeze the trees gave off was a peaceful moment. I sat on my front steps to continue watching the sun set. At that moment I remembered that when I was in elementary school I would be play different sports or would do different activities outside after school with my friends. I thought to myself that my life has been so busy with school, family, and technology that I don’t get to go outside much anymore.

This assignment required a little bit of thinking. I first thought about a moment when nature actually helped me realize to appreciate it more. Once I started writing my memory jogged to the exact feeling. Since that moment I try to always look at the sunsets and take pictures.

This is the assignment 4 Star

4 thoughts on “Nature is Perfect

  1. Most of my memories from being outdoors a lot are from when I was in elementary school as well! It is crazy how most digital advances were created right when we were in middle school/ end of elementary school.

  2. reflecting is always a good was to unwind and especially at sunset/ golden hour 🙂 it’s really interesting remembering the times we used to spend outside and when those times changed… I think spending time outside is also really nostalgic

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