7 Creative Tasks

Inside, Looking out
Converging Lines
Unconventional way of Eating Food

Human Emotion
Favorite Number
Beautiful mess
Catchlights in eyes

For the Photoblitz it took a while to brainstorm and take pictures of the things listed. For the first picture it was to take a picture from the inside of something looking out. I took a picture when the sun was setting. I took the picture from my kitchen window. The trees were slowly swaying and the it looked really nice. The second photo was to take a photo that makes use of converging lines. I took a picture of a telephone pole with the lines converging. For the third picture it was to take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way. I took of a picture of my friend eating Doritos with fork because it was a unconventional way of eating chips, ( my friend did not want to get her hands dirty), The fourth task was to take a photo that expresses a human emotion. I took a picture of my niece while she was playing, in this picture she was really happy. The fifth picture was to find my favorite number. I found the number 6 which is my favorite number on a coke can. The sixth task was to take a photo that represents a beautiful mess. I took a picture of when my niece dropped like 200 small hair bands. It was a mess but beautiful at the same time, (took me a whole 15 minutes to pick them up, thank you niece). The final task was to take a picture of someone with catch lights in their eyes. I took a picture of my sisters eyes while we were in the car, the sun was directly on us. It took me a while to capture these pictures, however it gave me a chance to be creative which I enjoyed.

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