Radio Weeks Done

This week I devoted most of my time to the radio show. My group was so awesome and I think we all did a great job communicating. I used audacity to record my audio for the radio show. I also used some things that I created from last weeks audio assignments. I did have to record my audio numerous times because I kept missing words or was talking too fast. our radio show was discussing 80’s movies and what trends came from them. I was the second host in the radio show. I would introduce our guests and take us into bumpers and commercials. This project did require a lot of time but it was a a nice project to do.

One thought on “Radio Weeks Done

  1. I always have to do numerous recordings too! I trip over my tongue a lot, and I also start talking too fast. I have to remind myself to take a breath. I always end up cutting out a lot of dead air and weird noises when I go to edit my recording. I get nervous, even though no one’s listening to me when I record.

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