Storytelling of an Awesome Movie

Storytelling is a process that takes some time.  Digital Storytelling is not just a beginning, middle and end. Digital storytelling is basically telling stories through technology. For this I chose to analyze the movie Karate kid. Karate kid is movie where a kid gets bullied but finds a man who trains him to learn karate to help him defend himself. I personally love this movie. When I read  Storytelling of the 21st century I learned various things about storytelling. When I usually watch a movie or TV show I look for conflict. I think to myself what is the problem/issue in this story plot. In this movie the conflict we see is Ralph Macchio who moves to a new place and gets bullied by other kids. Then we usually see the climax of the story which I think this was when Ralph goes to the tournament. The resolution is another part of storytelling that I consider. The resolution of this was when Ralph beats William in the tournament. I thought this ending was pretty happy. The themes I found to be in this movie were bullying and racism. This movie was made in 1984 so we see many old types of cars. Dressing was different than what we normally see today. We hear 80’s music throughout the movie. This movie is actually one of my favorites I thought everything  was clear and the events were very organized. There are definitely different ways to write a story and I think the writers did a great job with this story.

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