That’s Not Ferris

For my visual assignment I did Averaged Portrait which is rated 3 stars. For this I had to create a unconventional portrait. I decided to do Matthew Broderick from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This movie was made in 1986. This movie is about a guy named Ferris who skips a day of school and his principle is trying to catch him in the act. Ferris drives a Ferrari, which we don’t often see on the roads now. We also see Ferris using a landline which we don’t have much anymore, everyone now uses smartphones. I really liked this movie because of the story plot and the time it was based in.

The Process I researched some movies that were produced in the 80’s. Not knowing Ferris Bueller was produced in the 80’s, I quickly chose to do Matthew Broderick who plays Ferris in Ferris Buellers day off. I thought he did a great job in the movie. I then looked up some pictures of him from the movie and found one that I wanted to use. I then used GIMP to play around with his portrait. It was my first time using GIMP so it was hard to navigate through it. I still don’t know much about GIMP but I got to play around with it and I was able to produce the unconventional portrait above.

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