I did the assignment called Your Love For Your Pet, where you have to make a collage of your favorite pet. 3 Stars

This is Wawa, yes like the gas station wawa. Wawa is my best friends kitty that she recently adopted. My friend was actually going to wawa for her milkshake when she saw there was a animal shelter. Her intention was not to get a kitty but when she saw wawa formerly know as Yda she fell in love. My friend and I decided to name her Wawa because it led to this beautiful kitty. Wawa is 3 months old. She was shy at first staying mostly in the corner, but now she prefers to be on my friends lap whenever she can.

The Process. These pictures were taken at different times. Two of these when she was sleeping and two when she was cuddling with my friend. I took these photos with my portrait setting on my phone, I then used a app to make collage of the pictures. I then added colors to the background. I had a good time creating this collage.

4 thoughts on “Wawa!

  1. Wawa is absolutely adorable and I love her name! I actually like kinda out there names for pets. I once had a cat named Cannoli. I had a friend that named her dog Kevin so people would think she was talking about a human. I just find it all very entertaining!

  2. Wawa is so cute! I love the top right photo of her stretched out. And I like the name- I eat at Wawa all the time! Their sandwiches are better than gas station sandwiches should be, lol.

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