What a Day!

For my audio assignment Sounds Effects Story which was to tell a story only using sounds effects, Rated 4 Stars

For my 57 second sound story I decided to tell about the day my friend and I adopted a kitty named Wawa (Another Previous post on Wawa) For this I used 7 different sounds from the Free sound website which is full of sounds and effects. The story starts by us opening the door and closing it, next we hear the birds chirping outside, after that we are stuck in bad traffic which we hear bikes, a train and cars honking. We get to the animal shelter and my friend is humming and thinking about which kitty she should adopt while in the background you hear kitties softly meowing. Then after that you hear signing papers which meant my friend pick her cat and she was signing the adoption papers. The last sound is a kitty purring which Wawa loves to do now. It was my first time using Audacity and let me tell you it was NOT easy. I had a difficult time and after watching and reading several tutorials on how to better use Audacity I was able to produce my story. This story is not great because I was still learning on how to use Audacity but I hope to learn and use it more in the future.

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