A Iconic Hero

For my other assignment bank I chose to do a person who inspires me.

A legend that many people know is Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is a person that truly inspires me. Nelson was a anti-apartheid meaning he was against racial segregation. Nelson was locked up in prison for twenty seven years because he was going against the South Africa’s government. Mandela was also president of South Africa for one term. Mandela focused on inequality and freedom rights for all people. The thing that really inspires me is that even though Mandela faced so many issues but he still fought for his people, he didn’t give up. There aren’t many people like Nelson Mandela who risk their lives for others.

How Nelson Mandela relates to the 80’s? Nelson Mandela relates to the 80’s because he did many things during that time. Nelson was in prison for a while but he continued to advocate for equality and freedom rights. When he got out of Jail he was awarded the noble peace prize.

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