Final project/ Week 15

This class has taught me so much. When I started this class I knew almost nothing about creating video and audio. I never had my own domain before. This class definitely took more of my time than I expected it too. However I learned many topics in a short time. There were many things like audacity and IMovie that took a lot of time to work with. I had to watch many youtube tutorials on how to use these applications. I enjoyed all the daily creates it made my creativity come out more. I enjoyed creating all assignments including the final project.

For the final project Maddie and I worked together. Maddie and I decided our final would be re-telling a 80’s movie from a a different person’s perspective. We chose to do Ferris Bueller’s day off from Cameron’s perspective. We used audio, video, design, and images in our final.


For the audio we decided to do Cameron’s perspective. I used Audacity to record the script we wrote. This took me a couple of tries because I tend to speak fast or miss word in between. I then decided to add sounds from Free sounds. Once I gathered all the sounds I wanted to use, I imported them into audacity. Now the hardest part which took while was to match the sounds with the audio. Placing them and cutting them to the exact point was tricky. After a couple hours I was able to complete this.

The next thing we decided to do was create images of Cameron’s reactions to some of Ferris reactions. For the images I used google images to find images of Cameron. I then saved all the pictures to my computer. I then imported each photo into Gimp and edited these photos. I edited these photos according to the descriptions next to them. I used different features like Blur and transparency, waves depending on the picture.

The next thing we did was create video for anxiety medication commercial for Cameron. Cameron stays nervous so we thought it would be cool to create something like anxiety meds so he can try to relax more.


And lastly we created a comic. This was again Cameron’s point of having Ferris as friend..

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