Journey of a Lifetime

For my design assignment I did Travel Far Far Away. This assignment was to make a travel schedule. Rated 4.5 Stars

I love traveling and exploring new countries. I have a goal to travel every summer to a new country or new countries. In the above I chose to pick Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia for my destinations. These destinations have always been on my bucket list because I want to learn about their cultures. I also chose to do these three because they are relatively close to each other and it would be easy to travel to. I chose to come up with dreamer airlines that would take me to all these destinations and along with different plane numbers. I first took the three countries that were on my bucket list and found pictures for them( second picture). After that I went to an actual flight booking website to find dates that would tell me the traveling dates and estimates. I then wrote an itinerary for the trip. I loved doing this project because I got to research more about these countries.

Tying this to our 80’s theme

Traveling in the 80’s was so different from today. I actually talked to my parents about this because they did some traveling during the 80’s. The first thing they said was security was not as strict as today. You would just go through a machine WITH your shoes on. I think this worked pretty well in that era but I think its good that we got a little more strict with security because there are so many crazy people out there that willing to do crazy acts. They also mentioned that you wouldn’t do online booking you would go to a travel agent to buy your tickets. I think it is nice that we can book tickets online because we don’t have to take out time from our busy schedules to go to an agent. The last thing they said was that to board a plane took very little time. I know when I got to the airport I arrive 2-3 hours before my flight. I think it was nice in the 80’s where you could just show up and board the plane instead of waiting for long periods of time. Traveling has come a long way from the 80’s with some advantages and some disadvantages.

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