Now that’s called a Perfect Day

My other visual assignment I did Make My Day which was plan how my perfect day would be like. 3 stars

First I would start with breakfast including strawberries which I love.
Image result for yoga mat
I would then need to take a aerobics class after my breakfast.
Image result for shopping malls
I would then like to go to mall to buy leg warmers and bright colored shirts.
Image result for angel hair pasta
I would want to eat angle hair pasta for dinner.

Image result for netflix on tv
End my night with watching Netflix.

My ideal day would start with eating breakfast. I usually like to have toast with butter and strawberries. I also like to do a workout in the day. I enjoy doing different classes of aerobics. Shopping which every girl likes. I really like leg warmers and I can’t get enough of them, so I would buy those and bright colored tshirts which I tend to wear more of. For dinner I would want my favorite angel hair pasta with shrimp. I would lastly curl in bed and put a classic movie on Netflix.

Tying this to our theme In the 80’s we all know the trend of neon colored clothing and big hair. I also read people in the 80’s wore leg warmers which I like. These trends are obviously still popular today. When I watch Netflix I like to watch classic movies that I haven’t seen before. I think old movies are sometimes better than new ones because the story lines are more interesting. I have watched Rain Man, which was made in 1988, which is a great movie.

The Process For this assignment I just thought about all the things that would be a perfect day for me. I then used the internet to find different images that helped me plan my perfect day. I have actually thought about how a perfect day would be for me, so this project was fun because I actually got to write it down.

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