This first one was to create a video of the top 5 people, places. or things most important to you.  This was worth 3 stars.

The process was almost the same for all three videos but it did take me less time to make the second and third videos. I used IMovie which was very difficult to navigate through because it was my first time using it. I first compiled the different pictures and videos I wanted to use in the video. I then used Audacity to record myself talking about the different places and people. The hardest part of this was to match the audio with the video and pictures in IMovie. It took me several hours to make this one video.

This next one was favorite moments from college was worth 2 stars.

For this I found different moments from college. I go to VCU a lot to visit friends so I had many moments from there and Mary Washington. I then added those pictures and videos to IMovie

This one was to Create a compilation of the most important scenes or events from a movie. Essentially, combine the major plot points into a short video. worth 2 stars. I did the movie Coco

For this one I found different scenes on youtube from the movie Coco. I then added them to IMovie.

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